About Sundarban

Home to the infamous Royal Bengal Tiger and lustrous mangroves, Sundarban is a region comprising parts of Bangladesh and southeastern India. Sundarban Restaurant derived it’s concept from this and started its journey to providing delicious Indian and Bangladeshi foods in 1986.

Using only the finest natural ingredients and fresh produce, Sundarban offers something to satisfy every palate. Enjoy our mouth-watering Indo-Bangladeshi cuisine in a quaint and cosy atmosphere.

Our experienced award-winning chef has a proven track record for preparing quality dishes since 2000. Having spent time in the Middle East and India as part of the “Curry Life” award, our chef has mastered authentic Indian cooking, whilst gaining exotic Arabian culinary skills. Sundarban Restaurant won the Master Chef of the Year award in 1995, Customer Excellence Award in 2008, 2009 and in 2010. Sundarban also won Best Manager Award in 2010.

Curry Life Award Sundarban NW2

So we would like to welcome you on this exotic journey and hope that you enjoy the culinary and dining experience with Sundarban Restaurant.